We are Komaki Brewing. We owe our long-lived business to the support we receive from liquor merchants across Japan, the many restaurants, bars who stock our shochu, and of course, our drinking customers.

Over the long years, one thing remaining constant has been the bonds that exist between people. We owe our position today to our history. Of course, we give thanks to our ingredients of sweet potato, rice, water, and our starter and yeasts, but we also appreciate the people who have been involved with Komaki Brewing. This appreciation is like a spirit that carries our business forward.

This spirit, which we will always keep with us, is that brewing shochu is the same feeling as building strong bonds with people. While deeply appreciating everyone involved with Komaki Brewing, we will focus on making shochu so that everyone can enjoy delicious sweet potato shochu .

Kazunori Komaki

About us

Komaki Brewing is located in Satsuma Town (in the area that was Miyanojo Town) in the northern district of Kagoshima Prefecture. Right next to the distillery flows the Kawauchi river, a major river for catching ayu (sweetfish), eel, and Yamataro crab.

To the north of the distillery stands the sacred Shibi mountains, from which we source the water for brewing our shochu.

Although the distillery is located among the most scenic of country side, it has also been damaged by flooding on three occasions. But each time, thanks to everyone's support, we have recovered.

Having enjoyed peoples' support since our founding in 1909, we continue to brew shochu today.

Company Outline

Name Komaki Brewing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kazunori Komaki
Address 12 Tokiyoshi Satsuma Town, Satsuma Gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, 895-1816
TEL +81996-53-0001
FAX +81996-53-0043
Founded 1909
Incorporated 1957


Oct. 1909 Founded distillery at Miyanojo Town
(At the age of 27, founder Isekichi Komaki I. made 80 bottles for sale, 70 bottles for aging, one label of Kurosetoji shochu and 3 labels of Zoshi shochu)
Oct. 1917 Distillery burnt to ground in Great Kawara Fire
Oct. 1918 Relocated to 12 Banchi, Miyanojo Town
Oct. 1957 Incorporated as Komaki Brewing. Isekichi Komaki I. appointed 1st President.
Dec. 1960 Isekichi Komaki died. Wife of Isekichi Komaki, Toki Komaki appointed 2nd President.
Oct. 1961 Kanenori Komaki (current Chairman)  Succeeded profession name to become Isekichi Komaki II.
Apr. 1972 Isekichi Komaki II appointed 3rd president
Jun. 1972 Distillery damaged by torrential flooding
Jul. 1972 Distillery damaged by floods caused by release of Turuta Dam
1979 Reopened Distillery
Jul. 1994 Wife of Isekichi Komaki II, Setsuko Komaki was appointed 4th Presidents.
May 1997 Distillery was damaged by Kagoshima Northwestern Earthquake.
Jan. 2001 Japanese name of company changed.
Dec. 2005 4th President Setsuko Komaki died. Isekichi Komaki II was appointed Chairman and President.
Jul. 2006 Distillery damaged by torrential flooding in northern Kagoshima(and release of Tsuruta Dam).
(bottles for sale and aging were lost and machinery was damaged by 4 m inundation)
Sep. 2006 Thanks to cooperation from liquor merchants, retail stores, and volunteers, the distillery reopened in 2 months.
Jul. 2009 Centenary since foundation
May 2011 Kazunori Komaki appointed 5th President
Jun. 2012 Participated in "ARIGATO in London" in conjunction with London Olympics.
Jun.2014 Participated in " Café 2014" in conjunction with 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Jun.2015 Participated in "Sakenomy in Milan" in conjunction with EXPO Milano 2015.
Nov.2015 "19 years old shochu project" started
Feb.2016 Participated in "CRAFT SAKE WEEK @ Roppongi Hills Food Village" Produced by Hidetoshi Nakata.
Aug.2016 Participated in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic as a special envoy of the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association.
Mar.2017 Participated in "CRAFT SAKE WEEK in Hakata" Produced by Hidetoshi Nakata.
May.2017 Provide shochu together with dinner during MISIA concert held at World Heritage SENGAN-EN.
Mar.2018 At the 5th Berlin International Spirits Competition,"Issho Bronze" won a silver prize, "Benikomaki" won a bronze prize.
May.2018 At the "79th Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition, "Benikomaki" won a highest prize of sweet potato shochu division and gold prize of shochu division, "Issho Bronze" won a gold prize of shochu division.